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Hi there!

My wife and me have got a Malamute couple a months a go. Everything was just fine in the begining and not just a begining. We were so proud on our Alex how he is a quite and good dog that even when he is alone at home he is behaving extremly good. Now he is about to have foure months (in couple of days). Aproximatley ten days ago he started to make chaos while he is a lone. When we are back from work or wake up in the morning we find house in chaos: cables ripped off, ruined books etc. He started to urinate and defecalize in the house again (We have gone true this training and trained him to wait to go out of the building). We don't know what to do. We are frustaded. We reeded everything about Being the Alfa and practice it. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!

-- Dusko Mihailovic (, October 10, 2002

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