Abuse of restraining order across border

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My wife used to be a resident of Canada and at the time of her divorce she had a restraining order from her ex-husband who was also a Canadian resident. The restraining order is valid in Canada and her ex-husband never violated it while she was in Canada.

Now we are living in the U.S.A and he has tracked us down and he calls us and abuses my wife. He never speaks to anyone else who answers the phone and the conversations dont last more than a minute at a time. Changing the number is only a temporary solution as he is bound to track us down again. He has a history of insanity so we feel it could get violent given the abuses in the past. It is quite possible he will visit us in the future.

Since there is no restraining order against him in the U.S.A. we were wondering what legal steps we could take without divulging our exact location to him. He has moved and we dont know of his address in Canada and since crossing the US-Canda border does not require any visa we fear he could use it to his advantage or may be living in US.

Appreciate your responses

Joe Smith

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002


email me.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

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