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This is kinda an odd observation, but isn't it weird that Aeon doesn't have any body modifications, peircings, or tatoos? Really, other than a couple of shrapnel wounds (as indicated in "the file") and those bitchin' hyrdrolic kneepads of hers, her hair is the most exciting physical feature about her; (are her boobs real or fake Mr. Chung?). For such an adventurous sort, she's kept her body suprisingly pure. This is especially odd when you consider all the body mods and mutilation we have seen on the show; one inch waist, bionic legs, scapandra (nuff said), and numerous amputations. Maybe if Aeon is ever resurrected on HBO we'll find out she has a clit ring and peirced nipples and Trevor has a prince albert. It can be a special episode; "Real Sex: Aeon F(l)ux."

-- Logo (, October 10, 2002


Logo, Aeon had a nipple ring, see the Full Body View in the Herodotus file, her xray.

-- Barb e. (, October 10, 2002.

Piercing's would be a hazard in her line of work. Could get caught on things like robot appendages and prince alberts.

-- Sam (, October 10, 2002.

I think that piercings/tattoos/body art in our world come from a tribal/primitive tradition. Maybe their culture had'nt had that historical influence to be informed by (when it was created)

-- William (, October 10, 2002.

Considering the attire of choice in Monica seems to be bondage chic I would expect Aeon to have SOME kind of body mod. Onan was only in Monica for a few days and we see him decked out in full regalia with nipple rings and all.

-- Logo (, October 10, 2002.

Yeah gad dammid I wuz vixen tuh zay

Not tuh mentchun the IMMBLANDZ en awlduh BODDY WURK

-- dangerboy video (, October 10, 2002.

Don't forget her trapdoor molar. :)

-- cynical (, October 14, 2002.

Just picture it - of course Aeon has mods totalling many thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of pain - they're all on the inside. God alone knows how you get to see them...

-- Charles Martin (, March 06, 2003.

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