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Meaning..what are signs/and symptoms that they also like you but are too shy to show it?

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002


ok, this is easy. if you are a male and you want to know if she is interested, it is easy... Remember, women are very tactile!! How many times in an hour does she touch you? The more times she makes contact (of any type) the more likely it is she wants to "date." A very good rule of thumb is 7 times in 10 minutes and you own her! example: when you talk to her and she must hold you hand, or groom your clothes, hair, etc., or rub your arm, shoulder, neck, etc -- then there is a good chance you can just lean in and kiss her. if she does not touch, the best thing to do is find any excuse to touch her face (moving her hair from her eyes is a great excuse). If she allows you to do it without moving a muscle, then chances are she is interested -- if she jerks away and goes for a mirror to see what you are talking about, then she is not interested in you in a "coupling" way. Think about it this way, touching the face is a very dangerous thing and only our most trusted freinds and family are allowed to do it.

if you are a girl and you want to know if he is interested, it is even easier... he is. trust me.

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2002

Interesting answer, Jay!

Your evaluation does sound plausible, and I think contains more than a grain of truth. Touching & the ways we are touched are very strong non-verbal forms of 'speaking' to each other.

But I, for one, would react a little differently if my face was touched by a man whom I had no interest in. Yes, I would jerk away & head towards the nearest mirror, if I thought the man in question was really obnoxious. But with a less obnoxious man, I too wouldn't be moving a muscle, but I would also give him a really cold stare to get my message across that I didn't like it.

However, we're not all fortunate enough to be near enough each other to be able to communicate in this non-verbal way. Especially in more conservative societies, like in Asia. Then we may have to watch out for other kinds of expressions of interest, such as how & how much he/she smiles at us, how & how much (& even where) he/she looks at us, what he/she says to us & how it is said, also body language, mannerisms, etc.

Still, I have to say that you are quite insightful. Do you have any more 'signs' & 'signals' that we could look out for?

The last part of your answer was the most interesting. You said, "want to know if he is interested, it is even easier... he is." Huh?? Mmmm........nah, he isn't. Really.

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2002

The only other insight I think I can offer in a "non-touching" manner would be if a girl was making eye contact without me staring at her -- especially if she were doing so in a manner other than looking strait at me; if she were "looking out of the corner of her eye" at me, that would be a clue. The only other cue might be if she had long hair. If she were constantly moving it to reveal her neck to me, that would be a clue. Example: if I were on her left side, she would move her hair to her right side. I also feel this is also an example of trust -- your neck is a very dangerous place to allow access to. It is also very sexy, but that is generally a matter of taste.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2002

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