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This summer I taught a history class for the U.S state department. This is the second year I have done it. The state department has a program called the "Teachers of Excellence" 30 of the top teachers are brought from countries that once made up the former soviet union. These teachers teach english in their schools. In order to come to the U.S they have to compete within their respective countries. It is quite an honor to be selected. This is my second year teaching in this program and the program was held at Montana State University. This year I taught about the A.M.E church in the western united states. They loved hearing about Richard Allen and our church and were eager to go back to their countries to teach about Richard Allen. I want to share with you a story one of my students gave me, she was so moved when she learned of the story of Richard Allen and his conversion experience as a teenager. She cried because Richard Allen had done so much for the world. She was from the country of georgia and she said Richard Allen reminded her of a saint in her country. Here are her words that she wrote for me. "St. Nino was from Capadocia, Greece and was the niece of the Patriarch of Jerusalem. When she heard that Christ's robe was in Georgia (It was brought there by a jewish man Elioz after the crucifixion of the Savior in the first century A.D and the people were pagan. She decided to help this country and with the blessing of her uncle she came to Georgia at the age of 16. She had nothing but a cross made of vine given to her by the virgin mary in a vision. St. Nino converted Georgia to Christianity." This saint is greatly revered in Georgia. My student saw many parallels between St. Nino and Richard Allen his youth for one. I pray we will continue the work of Richard Allen for the A.M.E is reaching around the world through his children.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

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