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Anyone converted a 1+1 to a solo tail unit? Wondering what is involved. Removing the passenger peg hangers looks simple enough...but, how do the brackets look once the hangers are removed? A bit naked? Any one with links to a before/after picture? Any sort of covers available to hide the hanger flange or is it not noticable? What about the seat/tail section? Is it easy to move the electricals, seat, etc. over to a new solo tail or a chore? Are the subframes different and if so, how are they different and how does that effect the tail section change. Anyone consider making up two tail sections so you can just R&R as needed. Thanks in advance.

-- Jim Conklin (madmax@msn.com), October 08, 2002


Jim, I have a 1 + 1 and whenever I ride solo I take the rear foot pegs off. Very simple process that can be done with one of the allen wrencehes that comes with your bikes tool kit. It does clean up the look quite a bit and to be honest, it looks just as good as the mono F4's. MV Agusta smartly made the passenger seat out of red vinyl (or grey) to keep with the nice lines of the rear end. As far as getting a solo rear section you can do this trhough your dealer. Be advised that they are about $1500.00!!! Let me know how it goes.

-- David P. Galleo (dgalleo@mac.com), October 08, 2002.

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