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What is the eclectic theory and when is it used? Who first began using the eclectic theory and when was it?

-- Kristina (, October 08, 2002


"Eclectic" simply means to draw upon a variety of theories rather than to be a purist using just one. So one can be eclectic about all sorts of things, in any area of psychology. Many psychologists look down on eclecticism, but there are often good reasons to draw on a variety of sources.

-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (, October 08, 2002.

Hi Kristina, the "eclectic theory" refers to picking and chosing among theories and practices across those offered in the study of psychology. Although everyone does this, the term eclectic is most often used by clinical psychologists, and the implication is they don't rely on one dogma, but they use what works. This term is somewhat out of date now. Clinical psychologists trained in 50s 60s 70s probably would have no problem with it. Now clinic programs are promoting a newer politically correct term for this. I seem to be repressing the new term at the moment. Best, David

-- david clark (, October 13, 2002.

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