what is San Fransico's policy on homeless people

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i would just like to know about the citys policy on homeless people. im very involved in the care of the homeless in europe

-- sukie murry (susanmurphy@campus.ie), October 08, 2002


San Francisco has a wandering recognition of homeless people...of course the '49's were all homeless people in their search for gold. They lived in self constructed shacks and were broke until they struck gold...Your experience with homeless people in Europe should help you in the dispensing of a level of compassion not usually developed in the States...after all we haven't have two world wars on our shores, we've never had hoards of displaced refugees until recently...now San Francisco is experiencing the casualties of the Children's Revolution of the 1960's...a revolution that San Francisco greatly profited from..."We Built this City On Rock and Roll"...All the homeless need is a place to crash with a convenient way to wash up after...Big wooden porches set up along the Beaches as boardwalks with latrines with showers included with the toilets should do the trick..but will San Francisco ever do this? Only God and Willy Brown knows...

-- brio burgess (burgessbrio@aol.com), January 09, 2003.

I would also love to hear the policy - I visited San Fansico for the first time this past weekend and we so excited about going. Many of my friends and family have been and really have wonderful stories and memories from this town. I had a great weekend with my husband, yet the numbers homeless people who where very "in your face" was very unpsetting!! I have never seen such a large number from every age and walk of life. Does the city have out reach, do the churchs help who and what polices are in place?

-- Sonya Bailey (sonya@xpressdocs.com), November 14, 2004.

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