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We must be proactive, not reactive! The terrible crime which occured in Milwaukee concerning the 36 year old man being beaten to death by 15 people, from ages 10 to 42 is heinous! We have now learned to hate ourselves by hating and killing our brothers and sisters. The attackers did not wear sheets...they looked like us! While the crime took place, neighbors looked the other way or tuned out the victim's pleas for mercy and help! One of the attackers stated that when the crime was over, he went to get something to eat. When 10 of the 15 were apprehended by the police, some of the parents did not even know where his/child was located. One parent did not show up for her child's court arraignment because "she could not get a ride!" Some persons stated that these were not bad just got out of hand! How true! I have met the enemy...and it is us! We are on the verge of losing another generation. We must present positive images and role models to our youth! Now is the time to teach and assist in building dreams and enocouraging ideas.

Some of the youth of the church did not know who Rosa Parks was or why she was important to the Civil Rights Struggle. Well, we had a brief history lesson during church. I instructed all of the youth to move from the back pew to the front. While they were moving, I told them that we have the freedom to choose where to sit because of the sacrifices of Sister Parks and others! While they were moving, I further instructed the youth to sit with an older member, someone familiar and who experienced the Great Black Migration of the 20's through the 60's. These persons fought hard so that we may have a better way of life filled with opportunity.

We must learn to work and live together. We must be accountable for our actions and responsible for the consequences. It is time to be supporting Black enterprises. We must come together as brothers and sisters. Stop the Hate! Instead of saying "the devil sho' is busy", let's change that by singing "What a mighty God we serve!"

I need some help and encouragement! C'mon brothers and a brother some love!

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2002


Pastor Ray keep the faith!! God will pour down his supernatural strength on you and I do believe he is calling on you for a new purpose in your town. When God gives us an assignment it is with the understanding that it will be completed and the outcome will be victorious. What you did and said yesterday in church will bear fruit, for the young people heard you! They will tell one of their friends about Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement. The older people in the congregation have been given a new purpose, that is to mentor these young people. What happened in your church yesterday was an holy spirit event. I am proud of you being proactive and I know in the midst of this evil something good will be born. Years ago in my town the KKK went into a downtown book store and threatened the owner and said they would burn his store down because he had a huge display of books about black muscians in his store window. They even left their business card that said KKK. The police, FBI, and other law enforcement were very concerned for the KKK had gotten a foot hold in another town in Montana and now they were coming to mine. The KKK even did mass mailings in the community to recruit peopl. I prayed about it and decided to be proactive! I formed a group called the "Montana Hate Free Zone". I looked at scripture, the Bible says the wicked will be defeated, Jesus said love your enemies. For me that meant to love them but focus on something positive. If I had hated them they would have taken all of my energy. I organized a rally. In my community at that time there were 80 african americans out of 28,000 people. The newspaper editor said "Denise our town has never done anything like this before they don't rally" Ray we had over 300 people at a noon time rally, farmers left their farms to support me, Every elected officail showed up to speak out, The kids in the high school formed clubs to combat hatred. It spread like wild fire because God had ordained it. Ray the KKK did not know that God was already here and that he had a soldier that he could use I just did the assignment God gave me. Ray you are a soldier in your town and he will give you further instructions. I am proud of you and your ministry. Be strong, have faith, and know God is in your town.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

We had this discussion at our church a couple of years ago. It is definitely time to be proactive. I like what you said about changing the devil sho' is busy" to singing "What a mighty God we serve."

We need to tell of the benefits of serving a loving God, and talk more of the goodness of Jesus to our children. Appeal to their intellegence. Teach them to strive for the best, because that's the plans and thoughts God has towards them. Let them know the commandments and disciplines are not placed in the Bible and in the homes, churches, school,ect just to be mean, or to tell them what they can and cannot do; but it lets them know, it is for their protection. In following the rules, it just makes for them to live a better life. Which is God's desire for them.

The scripture "All things are lawful but not expedient", tells us there are things that we are allowed to do, but in the long run they are not good for us.

I think the key is to begin to talk about LOVE. It covers all.

I believe if we can start children out at a very young age knowing good proactive scriptures, it will be a wonderful foundation for them as they start school. Explain why the Golden Rule is important.

Start young, build a foundation of love and respect for mankind. The ten commandments are wonderful, but if we stick with the two Jesus mentioned, Love the Lord with all your heart soul and mind, and love your neighbor, we have taught well. All other commandments is included in those two.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

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