NEED HELP! any views on the ROLE OF CLUES in mudrers in rue morgue/ linking 'therory of possibilities' with 'game of even and odd' in the purloined letter/SYMBOLISM of the ORANG-UTAN? : LUSENET : The Work of Edgar Allan Poe : One Thread

hi guys

i urgently need any opinions/criticisms/views on the following:

-role of clues n how they lead u to conclude abt Poe, Dupin, 19th century Americans n their view of France

-theory of possiblilty n its connection with the game of even n odd in the purloined letter

-symbolism of the ourang-utan??

ANYTHING AT ALL regarding the murder in the rue morgue.


-- Anonymous, October 06, 2002


Hi, -role of clues n how they lead u to conclude abt Poe, Dupin, 19th century Americans n their view of France : He sees France as a cosmopolitan city. Think about the nationalities of the sailors: English Dutch French German and Spanish, a new global capital city... also think about the language differences. In fact Dupin himself entertains the possibility of foreign languages misidentifierd by these witnesses Also orientalism as a doctrine is important in his view of France in Dupin's shoes

symbolism of the ourang-utan?? Social Drawanism can be I guess classification of human types in the manner of animal species Think about the political and cultural issues between North Afri ca and France and connect them to the qutation in the story that " the voice of an Asiastic - of an African"

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2002

Studies of the South Seas and their flora and fauna as well as port tales of sea travellers could be sources for the orangutang. The ape appears also in "Tales of the Ragged Mountains" and "Hop Frog" as exotic examples of the bestial, dark halfmen. In Hop Frog however it is plainly a referral back to the Rue Morgue where the apes are men and THEY are murdered savagely, a joke that explains the crude shock of the tale.

Symbolically the ape is a blind irrationalforce of death, man without reason but dangerous in uncontrolled passions.

The clues are a rational unravelling of what appears a confounding mystery. For the Romantic there is always the shock, the sudden awe of being in the presence of the unknown, that dissipates like dream when too closely examined by the eager mind that picks apart the details to explain the effect. You lose the supernatural but reason triumphs once more on this mental adventure through a trail clues back to the origins of crime.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

here is something about apes

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-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

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