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I am studying web design and have been for more than a year. I can succesfully create tables, frames etc, the only thing im having trouble with is how to support different resolutions. When ever i resize the browser from 800x600 to 1024 etc it resizes the tables and makes the content spread to the frame. How do I stop the text moving and resizing ?

Please help


-- Anonymous, October 05, 2002


Well, your tables will be set to a % percent rather than a fixed size like a pixel width of say 790px.

However, in some cases fluid design, where elements resize to fit the browser window is useful, as in the case of accessibility.

If I increase the text size to 400% on a large monitor, I can read more words per line. However, if I do this on a fixed width site, I can perhpas only read a word each line.

This is a long debate, what size to design for etc...

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

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