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Hi I'm writing a paper for a Geography/Environmental Design course. I'm trying to narrow down my topic, and would appreciate any bibliographies or sources pertaining to my topics:

North Beach Strip Clubs Building Improvements History Closures Peak Years Liquor Licenses Stage setup Interviews


-- C.L. Obligar (, October 01, 2002

Answers is pretty good on the North Beach part of your question. You're on your own for the other part.

-- Sean M. Hall (, October 01, 2002.

Go here and start looking for records: As the page explains: "Welcome to the City and County of San Francisco Index of Public Records. Inaugurated in February 2001, the index was developed by the City Administrator's Office as required by the Sunshine Ordinance."

You can hunt up and down any particular street or area by plot number.

Here's an Examiner article on strip club problems. It might give you some other ideas of where to look and read up:

And don't forget to check the Association of Bay Area Governments: The site is very dense, but it's worth it to hunt through.

I don't know how anecdotal you want to get, but there are a couple of books to look at: "Bottom Feeders" (about the, urp, Mitchell Brothers) and "Strip City: A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America" by Lily Burana (I haven't read that one). Mike Weiss' "Double Play" also has a chapter on the sex industry in the city. He's very good.

-- Rosa (, October 01, 2002.

I remember that the Condor got Carol Doda's competition, an Iranian named Yevonne (something) deported!

-- Mau Go (, December 05, 2002.

Thanks for the help, the paper was turned in a couple weeks ago.

-- C.L. Obligar (, December 07, 2002.

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