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Hi everyone,

I finally made my way to the stats forum--I'm still a rookie at this, so I hope it works. Congratulations to everyone on the start of a new year (school year that is), it sound like everyone is off to a great start. Paul, your family history is truly inspiring; it's great that this book has finally been written--you must be so proud!

I completed my BA in April, and have been working full time in a call center--except for the month of August when I was in Portugal. I just wrote the GRE general exam on Friday--I don't know the exact percentiles but the average of the 3 sections should be about 80th (I only have the raw score and I have to interpolate from a very poor legend). I am currently in the midst of applying to grad schools for next year, I hope to get into clinical psych. There is a program through OISE at UofT called School and Child Clinical Psychology, that I hope to get accepted to. I am also continuing my thesis research that I was doing with Prof. Trobst in hopes of publishing a paper on the results. We're investigating the effects of factors such as gender, emotional distress, personality, attachment style, etc. on the type of social support offered to an individual seeking help.

Anyways, now that I have finally made my mark in the stats forum, I'm sure that I will come back soon.

Talk to you later,


-- Giovanni Foti (, September 30, 2002.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

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