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Hi, I have a portable VCD/CD/MP3 Player that i wish to play VCD thru my TV. I have connected the VCD player to the TV using the Video and Audio cables into the jacks on the TV but i get no picture. I have tried tuning the channel on the TV but i still get no picture on any channel. Any suggestions? thanks in advance

-- James Ponder (, October 01, 2002


You have to set your monitor to 'video.' There will probably be a button on the TV's remote labeled 'input' or something similar.


-- No One (, October 01, 2002.

I have same problem. There is nothing complex, I guess it is the technology that lacks perfection. I once played a game, heard audio CD, but never watched a picture. I have tried several discs but fail to see a picture. Now even the game is not working. It has also something to do with what should be connected first, and which equipment's power should be turned first.

-- Kibru Mamusha (, October 03, 2002.

You neglected to say if your VCD is commercial or one you made.

If you made it perhaps your hardware will not read CD-R or CD-RW discs? Then too, if your burned it perhaps your software is just far enough out of spec that the files it outputs cannot be recognized by some players.

At any rate, take your VCD disc to the store and try it on another player like yours. If it doesn't play, it's the disk. If it does play, then your hardware is suspect.

-- no censor (, October 05, 2002.

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-- Adem GenÁ (, January 04, 2003.

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