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hi, plz some one help thru this. i got to vcd(movies). the problem is that they r not like simple vcds(with directories and file with dat exten). the cd has track file *.cda. how can i play them using my cdrom. i tried all players but neither of them detected the fils and i receive a message that there is no cd inside the cdrom. the cdrom indicates audiocd. but i am sure that they r vcd. i even played them on proper vcd players but hoe can play them with my cdrom. thank u.

-- ibrahim hussain (, September 30, 2002


*.cda means you have an audio CD, not a VCD. I can think of two possible problems - the disc is simply bad or someone made a bizarre hybrid (ie. trying to make an audio CD/VCD combo disc) that won't play correctly.

-- Root (, October 01, 2002.

Video CD file extension is *.dat for mpeg1 and requiere MS Media player or some DVD player software (Power DVD,etc).

-- Jorge Oshiro (, December 21, 2002.

Hi ther,

Well I am also facing the same problem and cant find a solution. The answers recieved some seem not to understand our problem correctly.

Actually these VCD's are playable in VCD Player on TV and they play without a hitch. So the CD's are definetly VCD's and moreover only the second part or disk doesnt get detected. This is some kind of an trick to stop the copying of vcd on harddisks.

Please reply if u have any further help.


-- Kalpesh Patel (, October 19, 2003.

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