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An old photograph (in SF Main Library historical photo collection for Visitacion Valley - AAC-1676.jpg) shows a group of people, some wearing blackface, sitting on a stage. A banner to the left shows the letters UMDS. Above the flags at back of stage are the names A.E.Bonneau and Geo. Ryan. Can anyone provide informatin about what the heck was going on here? (I've tried lists of organizations, fraternal orders etc. and found United Medical Dental S., but that doesn't help much.)

-- betty parshall (, September 30, 2002


Betty - I did a full onlinesearch of all SFPL Vis Valley photos and came up with one that was titled "UNIVERSITY MOUND DRAMATIC CLUB". Could that be your group with both Club and Society being used int he name? The number for the photo at SFPL is ACC-1650. Hope this helps !

-- Judy De Bella (, September 30, 2002.

Thank you! I think I'll pay a visit to the home, maybe they have some old files on the subject. I'm finding several "visitacion valley" photos are not strictly in the neighborhood (Hunter's Point, Brisbane, etc.) and this may be another. Ever locate the Cascade Club?

-- betty parshall (, September 30, 2002.

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