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Hi, After a long straying from model railroading (Marine Corps, starting family) I have gotten back into it and would like to run my loco's with DCC. However, I don't know how to start? Is there an easier to use or recommended manufacturer? Are all manufactures compatible? How costly can it be initially? Like I said, I've been away awhile, when I put up my trains as a kid, they didn't have DCC! I really would appreciate any help!

Thanks, -Dan Jones SSGT USMC

-- Dan Jones (, September 29, 2002


Dan, there are several starter systems available - from Atlas, MRC and Digitrax to name a few. I am a Digitrax user and fan and I believe the best one is the new Digitrax Zephyr system. It is a reasonably priced starter system that can be expanded with all the more sophisticated Digitrax products without losing your initial investment.

Digitrax also publishes a book called the Big Book of DCC which should help you a great deal.

Visit the Digitrax web site at

No flames please - I stated up front that I am a Digitrax fan. I have no connection to the company but to use their excellent products.

Dale Gloer

-- Dale Gloer (, September 30, 2002.

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