Oklahoma Highway Dates

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Does anyone know where I can find construction/completion dates for Oklahoma Highways (specifically the tulsa region). It would be a great help. Thanks!

-- Sarah Gould (sajacha@yahoo.com), September 28, 2002



The best place to find this information is to contact OKDOT (Department of Transportation). They would have records of construction dates and other improvements on the roads.

You could also find out when roads were opened by looking at state highway maps in sequential years that you are looking for. A large library, such as the Tulsa library should have a collection of old roadmaps in their collections.

I know that I-44 was built in the 1950's as a bypass around downtown, before the Eisenhour system, and that I-244, the "Cross-town expressway" was built in the late 1970-early 1980's, despite the fact that it seems in worse codition than I-44.

-- Wes K (kinsler01@yahoo.com), February 17, 2003.

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