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The Venture 21 I just bought has some significant but repairable problems. First there are many severe cracks (less than a foot long)radiating across the deck from under the base bracket of the mast. I suppose somebody dropped the mast accidentally. Second, a storage barn fell on the bow pulpit and bent it as well as causing some damage to the deck where the feet of the pulpit attach to the deck. I thought I would fill the dammaged parts of the deck in both cases with epoxy but I have no idea who might be able to fix the stainless steel pulpit. Does anyone have suggestions on who might be able to fix stainless steel tubing or am I out $250 for a new one? Does anyone have any better suggestions on how I might fix the deck problems other than filling the area under the deck with epoxy? Finally, I am sure the the keel bolt has never been serviced but I am a bit confused about the process. Does anyone know where I could find an explanation with illustrations? Thanks.

-- Walter Hoshaw (, September 27, 2002

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