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Promised Land in Holy Land

Today I got to gaze at the promised land. In the early afternoon, I traveled to the top of Mount Nebo where Moses gazed into the Promised Land. I stood where Moses probably stood, turned my gaze in the direction he would have been looking. And out in the distance could see the Dead Sea and the signs of civilization in Israel.

To call the experience anything less than awesome would be discounting it.

There is still more to come. Soon we will journey to the spot at the Jordan River where Jesus was baptised. Tomorrow we will go to the Treasury which was used in Indiana Jones.

What a humbling experience to be in the Holy Land. To walk streets that were there when Jesus lived. To be in lands where he lived.

The world theatre is playing out behind us. We have received warnings to be cautious but thus far the people of Jordan have been nothing but gracious and kind.

Looking forward to getting back to you all but do have an A.M.E. Today delgation with me Rev. Leo Woodberry, Rev. Cordelia Webb and Rev. Carol Neslon-Ingram all have been here on the board as well as my Philly partner Rev. Ellis Washington.

This has been a spectacular adventure and can not wait to bring it to you in more detail.

Continue to lift us in prayer.

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

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