Why do we do Bible Studies?

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When one plants a new church one is literally starting from the beginning. I find it very exciting being a church planter. Though I must admit I stopped in my tracks when a Pastor from Kenya who spoke at my church asked if I could plant an A.M.E Church in Kenya! Being a descendent of the prophet Jeremiah without hesitation I quickly looked to my daughter who is young and likes traveling. O.K the look on her face let me know that she was not going to let me ship her off to kenya;-) Anyway most of the people that attend my church are new christians or have been away from church for years. Our Bible studies get started next week and my daughter has some very exciting things planned. So here is my question "Why do we do Bible Studies" No, I am not crazy for asking that question I am posing it from the perspective of a new Christian. They have never done them before. Please share how Bible studies have enriched your life and perhaps share some of your favorite Bible studies. Do you like doing them alone or in a group? Thanks everyone

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2002


That's really an important question, Rev Rogers. I would venture to say that most churches that do have Bible Study, have a small percentage of members that attend. Most think that they get enough of the Word at the Sunday service. However, there are two other places that members can get togiether to learn the Word and that is Bible Study and Church School. At Bible Study, we get into the Word with more depth and while I can not stop the Pastor to ask a question or get clarification on something, we can do it at Bible Study. Surely, one may study on his or her own but Bible Study provides a fellowship for members and sharing of the Word and testimonies are critical in the Christian walk. Just last week, one of the members at our Weds Bible Study mentioned that the testimony of one of the Sisters, solidified a thought that she had but thought it was unique to her. Sharing is an important part of our Walk. Oftentimes, the Spirit intervenes and takes the class in a direction that the Pastor or whoever happens to be teaching had not planned to go. For instance, a month ago, someone gave a testimony during devotions on how they were learning to wait on the Lord.(Psalm 27). That testimony set the Study on a wonderful journey of scripture and fruitful discussion. That can not happened in Sunday service. Bottom line is that we must know the Word to strengthen our faith and faith comes from hearing. Bible Study provides all this and more. I have never left the Weds Bible Study without getting something new and without being blessed. Bible Study and Church School (Church School is for adults too, not just the kids)is were learn. Bro Bob

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

We all need to learn about the bible and God's word. Preaching sounds good, but you need teaching. You need the information. In Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack kof knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. That's my opinion. Clara Nelson

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

Sis. Clara & Bro. Bob:

Thou speakest the truth with unmistakeable eloquence regarding this issue!! Folks who think they don't need to study the Holy Writ are only consigning their own fate to spiritual mediocrity and perpetual underachievement. Remember, if a plant is green it signals growth. But once it is ripe further exposure to the sun means it will turn rotten. Therefore, stay green and grow in knowledge and grace of Him who Rose for our Justification. QED

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

I absolutely love Bible Study. Unlike Sunday's sermon, you can raise your hand and ask questions. It's also a time to hear how current events line up with the word of God. The fellowship is different from Sunday's services. I can't explain it, except it's more intimate.

Bible study should be a part of every Christian's life. We should make that a part of our daily life. Going to Bible Study opens up a whole new world. It's addicting. You get a chance to see how exciting the Word of God is. You will even learn how to study when you are alone.

When I first got interested in studying the Bible, a girlfriend and I use to make it a point to study every night. Those were some long conversations. Some nights it was hard to stop talking, especially as God would begin to reveal his Word to us. Those nights usually came after we would be studying something brought up at a Bible Study at Church.


-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

Another reason for study is our constant exposure to the world on our daily journey through it. Whether you listen to News Radio on the way to work in the morning (war, violence, murder, theft) or to your favorite radio station (lust, misogyny, more violence, greed), going on to newspapers, books, movies, and that greatest danger of all - television, the world is offering a set of values and recurring thoughts that create a non-biblical (and unholy) view of life. Studying the bible is one way to examine God's perspective in His commended word. Guided bible study is helpful to the novice, but each of us should revisit regularly, as life experiences create new levels for examination and reflection.

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

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