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hey crew!

Da name's PJ and i'm doing my 2nd yr. psych.

Books I need:

Fall 2210 (Learning) winter 2030 (Intro 2 Research Methods) winter 2120 (social psych)

Books I could sell:

1510 Math: Calculus for biology 1010 Psychology: themes n variations 5th ed. (study guide too) (sorry julie) 1001+1 Chemistry: General chemistry

I'm planning to ace up on all my courses (wouldn't anyone? lol), so if anyone's taking the same courses as i am and want to study (for tests n exams), I willing to attend any group studying. (time being a factor though)

I'll be joining the UPSA soon n hope to meet ya guys on sept. 28.. or was that the 26? eh.. me'll be there.

signin out, Yor-K-yd


-- Prathesh Jeyakanthan (prathesh@yorku.ca), September 23, 2002

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