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Sorry but I'm just too new to the photography world. Recently, i bought a new coolpix 5700 (35mm-280mm) digital camera. Due to the shortage of accessories from Nikon. I bought 1pc wide angle lens 0.5x / 52mm and 1pc of telephoto 2.0x / 52mm from the third parties called VITACON. Can anybody answer my query mentioned below :-

1. Who is this VITACON ? Any web site available ? branded ?

2. For wide angle lens, what do they mean by 0.5x ? So after purchase the 0.5x, what will be my wide angle size ? 35mm X (0.5x) = 17.5mm ? am I right ? The smaller the figure, example'0.5x' the better ?

3. So how about the telephoto lens currently my default is 280mm, so can i simply assume that 280 x 2 = 560mm ?

-- Nicholas Tam (dreamsx@starhub.net.sg), September 23, 2002


Don't buy the VITACON 2.0x tele lense. I just bought one (130+) from lucky plaza, and then found it does not double the focus length of the current lense at all. Trust me.

-- Rick (rickxiao@singnet.com.sg), July 15, 2003.

Can u tell me how mach u piad for VITACON 0.5x / 52mm wide angle lens . Thanks

-- lyonjiang (lyonjiang@sina.com), October 22, 2003.

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