1920's Gangster Pete Dallas

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Does anyone have information about the Greek (I think) gangster Pete Dallas of the 1920's?

Many thanks, Katia

-- Katherine Prongos (kathyprongos@hotmail.com), September 22, 2002


Are you sure the name was "Dallas?" I don't find anything searching for that. Lots about gangsters IN Dallas, though.

-- Rosa (rosadebon@yahoo.com), September 24, 2002.

The only Pete Dallas we know of is my brother, Peter George Scandalis, whose professional name (he's a professional drummer) is Pete Dallas. Yes, he's/we're Greek. Will check with him since, in his tours, he may have come across info on this other Pete Dallas. Sounds fascinating! Alexis

-- Alexis Scandalis Genung (alexis@alexisgenungstudios.com), March 23, 2004.

My name is Pete Dallas. I am Greek. Played for the Greek National Baseball Team. I'd love to find out if this was a relative of mine, but my family has very little in the way of records as my grandparents are pure Greek and simple people. Plus, I really don't speak greek. Email me if you can help or have any interesting info.


-- Pete Dallas (pete@northshorebaseballacademy.com), November 18, 2004.

In the 20's I believe that there was a Pete " Dallas" Scandalis that was found dead in a lunchonette in Fair Haven NJ. He had a driver that he didn't pay regularly enough who went on to shoot him in a dispute over monies owed. I understand also that he was a former policeman from Maryland that went bad.

-- George Scandalis (george.scandalis@tiffany.com), January 03, 2005.

I stand corrected.

75 Years Ago Charles Scandalis MurderedóCharles Scandalis, well-known in this city and having been employed at the Maryland Lunch Room, was shot and killed at Fair Haven, N. J. about a week ago. Scandalis was employed as a general prohibition agent and had charge of New York and New Jersey States until a short time ago. Before being a prohibition officer he was a bootlegger and accumulated a fortune of $250,000 according to the administrators of his estate. He was killed by his chauffeur, Chas. Papas who demanded his pay from Scandalis, which was five weeks over due. He also remembered his secretary by leaving him $50,000. Scandalis was arrested at the Hotel Belvedere, Baltimore, a few years ago as the head of a bootlegging ring, and was held under bail for securing liquor from McGinnis Distillery, near Carroll, under fake permits. Democratic Advocate, September 22, 1922.

-- george scandalis (george.scandalis@TIFFANY.COM), January 03, 2005.

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