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My daughter and I do a comedy routine to entertain ourselves. Look we live in Montana and it snows 9 months out of the year;-) Anyway we love talking about the original "Lassie" we crack up remembering how timmy always knew what Lassie was saying "Roof, roof, roof (it is not a typo I am trying to make it authentic)" Timmy " Lassie you're telling me someone fell into the river wearing blue pants, a white shirt and they had chicken for lunch!" I bet you guys have some old favorite T.V shows or Movies. We can't forget such greats as the Blob. So come on gang get the pop corn out and share some of your favorites. Don't forget those B Movies;-)

-- Anonymous, September 21, 2002


The original Lassie on TV was cast with Jeff (Tommy Reggig), his mom, played by Jan Clayton, his Grandpa, played by Grover Cleveland. His best friend was Porky. Larry

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2002

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