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I was hoping that somebody could help me understand what sort of Historical Facts and Influences Poe had while writing "The Purloined Letter". I am writing a paper about this story as we speak. I have a mental block.


-- Anonymous, September 21, 2002


There is a great article about British philosophical influences(Bentham?) on the rationale given by Dupin at in the selections from "Poe Studies". Typical European government intrigue in the post-Napoleonic era. Mabbott's book on Poe's fiction(I don't have it) would be the best place to look for any historical background. As in other tales but never so well explained here, the detective method employs the expanded perceptions of the Romantic poet in entering the mind of the criminal and going beyond the burdensome expectations of the routine to daring simplicity.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

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