whats the theme of annabel lee?

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whats the theme of annabel lee?

-- Anonymous, September 21, 2002


hi the theme of annabel lee was about Edgars sweet Virgina clemm he wrote that poem after the death of virgina. the poem is about her only in a different name. hope thats a help to u. From Laura Bennett

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2002

Aside from the argument that Virgina Poe is the inspiration(that the lovers were children seems a possible clue to me) try to separate the theme from the plot. The narrator is telling of his long ago loss that he NEVER recovered from and never gave up his bond. To hear him say it one assumes all those years he spends the nights besides his wife's tomb on the shore(between death and life). The theme is is his perpetual dedication to that bond and revolt against the idea "till death do them part." Annabel Lee is not described or given speech or any character except she only lived "to love and be loved by me." Outside of the poet's predicament she has no other attribute or action. Instead it is the anger, despair,lament, complaint, even an almost audible sob in the repetition of "darling, my darling".

The ballad form in the sound symbolism of the sea represents with melancholy force the shores of eternity. The poet resolves to be as constant as the tide and preseve, not surrender or get over their love. It is the expalantion and emotional presentation of this state, this place that gives the poem its power, not any consolation to be found in the afterlife or despair at loss, but the long vigil on the shore.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2002

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