wanted to know which electrode to use for a paricular job

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i have to use a welding electrode for cross country pipeline project the grade of base metal being API 5L X-60 and API 5L GRADE X-65 MOLY TO BE LESS THAN .20% so please tell me which will be the most suitable pipe welding electrode or if two diffrent electrodes are to be used then please specify the aws coding of the product to be usedplease answer at the earliest as the matter most urgent

-- vishal pravin baliya (vishal_baliya@rediffmail.com), September 21, 2002


If you mean arc welding, this will probably not get a timely answer on this bulletin board. Try http://groups.google.com/ then enter "welding"

-- David Bacon (dbacon@updatetechnology.com), October 03, 2002.

the present is to send an salute, my answer, wanted to know which electrode for particular job,for caulking (filler), of plate the astm-515 gr 70 of tower of destolation?. I hope your answer. UBALDO SALAZR HDEZ.

-- ubaldo salazar hdez. (usalazar@gas.pemex.com), May 12, 2003.

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