What is the Position of the A.M.E. Church On the Issues We Face?

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Frequently on this board we have heard the question, "On this issue, where does the A.M.E. Church stand? "

Time and time again we have been told that the official position comes from the General Conference and the Council of Bishops.

In the current issue of "We Speak", the official News Magazine of the Connection Lay Organization, the issues addressed by the Council of Bishops in June are published for all to read. These are too lengthy to reprint here but the Lay Magazine may be secured through contacting Mrs. Eileen S. Warner, Director of Public Relation, AMEC Lay Organization at PO Box 7682 Tallahassee, FL 23314. E-mail: Instruct26@ hotmail.com. Subscription cost: $15.00 per annum.

To add my own editorial, thanks to Mrs. Warner you will not have to wait half a year to read old news.

The issues addressed by the Council of Bishops and published in this magazine are.

I. Florida's Pending Election II. Fairness of INS Policy- Regarding Haitian Immigration III. HIV/AIDS IV. War on Terrorism V. Sexual Scandal in the American Church VI. Jail and Prison Overcrowding and Black Overrepresentation.

It will be well worth your time to subscribe to this magazine and be informed.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002


Amen concerning the importance of the work of our Connectional Lay. As Robert knows, Eileen works with me at the local level. Let's all get involved with the work of the Lay. QED

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

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