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Hey everyone, it's been a while since i have looked at the stats forum, and now that i finally got this 'cookies' thing worked out, i am happy to see so many responses....where do i start?

First, congrats to Dima, for your baby-girl (what a beautiful name...) and yes, you are crazy going back to school, but all the power to ya! i know that you'll succeed b/c you have the motivation and dedication.

Second, Paul that was a great speech!...little by little we are finding out more about your family life and background, and it's quite the story.

Third, a note to Michelle's 'small world' sure is. Last week i ran into Sherry, a TA from my year (2000-2001); she's at Windsor going to teachers college. It was great to see a familiar face.

Lastly, my as a grad student...what can i say...there's a lot of reading involved!..but somehow we still manage to find the time to go out. I am taking four courses and 3 of them are on monday, so our day mondays is crazy (from 9am-7pm); howver the rest of the week is not too bad. I am taking stats (multivariate stats, although we have been doing review for the past two weeks of intro to stats); clinical assessmetn (funny prof., a little neurotic, but funny!); psychopathology (we're basically going through the DSM and all the disorders); and history of psych (amazing prof.; all we do is have discussions about our readings...). I basically dont have any exams except for stats (or course), and for that exam she's going to give us questions based on a few articles, so it doesnt seem too bad. For the rest of the courses, we have a lot of presentations (also in stats- i'm doing MANOVA) and essays. For my clinical assessment course, we are actually going to be administering different psychological batteries (such as the WAIS, MMPI, and some other neurppsych. tests) to undergrad students in the first semester and patients in the second semester: our assignments is to write up a psychological report of the resutls of those tests...sounds pretty cool, huh? ... although i've only been here for a few weeks, i love the program and everything that i am learning! i would definately reccomend this program to anyone who is interested in clinical psych, especially the practice aspect of it. Dont get me wrong, though, we do have great opportunities for researc as well. I will be starting my proposal for my thesis, this Oct. i'm not exactly sure what i'll be looking at, but i will update you when i know.

WOW, i think that i wrote enough...let's keep this going; hope to see more postings soon. Take care, Helen

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002

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