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it is COOL this morning! I am also running late as per usual. Today I need to get a load of peanut hulls while I am in town for work and get that spread either this eevening or tomorrow.

We have started working out before work. I need to get in better shape and my two friends need to lose weight so this helps to keep us all honest and encourage each other to continue. It's funny how soon you can feel your muscles tightening up.

The final date for the divorce and custody to be settled has been set. November 7th is the magic day. Once that is all done I think I will feel more settled and feel like I have a better ability to think about future building plans and living arrangements and such.

I wish everyone a good day!!!

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002


Well it looks like I lost my last post...Nuts! Oh well, I guess it wasn't really all that important.

We won't be getting any rain out of Isidore, which is sad because we are desperately dry here again. I need to haul hoses out to my fruit trees....whatever is left of my fruit tress is more appropriate:). I lost most of them to hoppers in the past couple of years, and now I am trying to kill them by not

It's a busy double shift week at work. We got the majority of the garden covered with fresh mulch and the rest will be done next week. I just love my peanut hulls. They are the stuff!

The meat market doesn't have any interest in getting ino carrying rabbit, so the next mark is a new market that is catering to the hispanics in the area. It would be great to have an outlet here for my rabbits. I'm praying it works out.

David and I really seem to be a good team. We were discussing all manner of strengths and weaknesses last night. It's one of those things where I think we can either really balance eachother out or just irritate the hek out of eachother. Isn't that always the way? I am so thankful for this man. It's amazing to me to have someone that I can actually talk to (for the most part:) and have him understand me and be on the same page spiritually....Wow. The fact that I am also terribly attracted to him is a tremendous plus, as well. Just incredible:)- We are getting all the kinks out of the way as best as we can in advance. It's so different from any other relationship I have ever had. I always had it backwards and sideways before-whew.

Goat time!---and he even understands that for me, my goats are my therapy....yeah.

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2002

It's a beautiful foggy morning and I had real sleep last night!!! Thank you, Lord.

Today I am plan the electric fence to someof my smaller goat areas and have the pleasure of crossing another nagging thing off my list. Then I'll move the boys and hopefully build their hoophouse tomorrow.

I'm afraid Slinky was tagged by the little buckling that waited arround too long to be butchered. Her milk is decreasing much too rapidly, so I am just going to dry her off and if she is tagged, she will kid right about Christmas, which is terrribly inconvenient for me. The thing that is really irksome is that someone LET him out. There is simply no way that wire ties on cattle panel become untied and the panel gets lifted up over two mesquite scrubbies and pushed back flat against the rest of the pen by a 4 month old goat. Oh well. There is a small chance that I am wrong and Slinky is just drying up early.ihopeihopeihope.

Everything is good here, and I am happy....perhaps I am learning to roll with the punches a little better? Then again, maybe I am simply becoming complacent:).Na.

I'm trying to find specific bible studies on life application topics for some friends....things like cleanliness, dependability, stewardship, etc. They are all lessons that are prevalent throughout the Bible, but it would be so helpful to find a list of the scriptures referencing these types of things....Haven't been able to find anything, so I guess I will just spend a few nights really seeking them out and make my own study up.

Have a great day everyone!

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002

Well, I have all but completely decided that I'm going to marry David asap regardless of the state. I'm positive that he is theee one and I trust in God for the rest of the problems....I'm going to talk with my parents about it and get a few opinions from friends whose spiritual walk is good...all my heathen friends don't even understand half of what I say, much less how important this covenant is in God's eyes.

I'd like your opinions here if you so desire...Here's a little recap so you alll understnad where we are at...

David was divorced for two years, Angela had divorced him, then she came and wanted to get back together with him when her Mom was sick from cancer last year. They lived together for four months. David filed for divorce and custody again because in the state of texas if you refer to yourself or another as wife or husband and sign your names as such you are considered to be legally married. He wanted to get custody of their two kids so he had the court find them as married the same day he filed for divorce. Crazy and weird, yes.

The question is, in the eyes of God do you think these two are married? It seems a stretch to think that even in the eyes of the state to me, but I would like your opinions. Most of you who know me probably realize there is no way I am going to get permission from the state to marry no matter what the situattion may be. Frankly, we are having trouble waiting anymore....sorry, but that's the truth. I really would appreciate your veiwpoints, and if Diane agrees we can go ahead and ignore the restraints about posting on others threads this one time....

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

On Tuesday I received a call from CPS asking to come in for an interview regarding allegations of child abuse. HA. Yesterday was the interview. It is a complete load of crap. My presumption is that the report was filed by Angela. At any rate....I now have a much clearer perception of where we are in the time frame, and get the supreme pleasure of dealing with this garbage. Three pages of sallegations that are disturbing to people who believe guns are inherently bad, and the government is inherently good, that kids should never be allowed to go target shooting and that CPS is really interested in the overall health and well being of your children. The charge is classified as 'neglectful supervision" I have never neglected anythings health and well being since I accepted Christ....except for my own.

I may not be able to post here or anywhere for awhile....I would gretaly appreciate prayer in this matter, and I ask also that Angela (ex) be lifted up and pray for her salvation. The people involved are me, David, Sophie, Jared, and Angela.....and CPS and the police, and the lawyer and his wife.

Gotta run.I will be remebering all of you and checking in as I can. Diane, go ahead and edit all of my silliness above if you would please:)-. Thanks!!!

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

Whew. It's been interesting lately. the summation is that it has (thus far) worked out alright. The Cps lady was rahter reminiscent of Frau Bucker, and I thought she was going to smack me with a ruler when I leaned back in my chair while in her office. The prayers were certainly working well because neither David nor I were the slightest bit crotchety with her even though she actually believes that as many children are killed each year with firearms as die in auto accidents. She declined to be troubled with any facts.

I filed reports on Angela with the Sheriff and the Police here as a somewhat preemptive manuever. I guess it was a little late to be considered preemptive, but I felt that it was the thing to do because she is actually quite imbalanced and has held a gun on someone and been convicted for vehicular assault. I did find out that she wouldn't hurt my animals, so that did give me some reassurance. I guess I can take care of myself well enough, but I can't be everywhere all the time, so my animals were kind of an open target and that was not encouraging.

The poor kids were so shook up because of two interrogations on them. David told them that they DO have rights themselves, and that if they didn't want to talk to that lady, they really didn't have to. Sophie had insomnia two nights.....ugh.

All I can say is that I honestly believe that the more miles between David and her/here the better. I really don't know how this is all going to work out. I just started praying that she would see how this is hurting her kids. I really can't comprhend using a child as a weapon regardless of the effect upon is NOT good.

Tonight I came home to find that my electricity had been cut off! I received no disconnect notice or anything at all. I can't find last months bill, but rec'd a new one today with no indication of disconnect , but showing that I hadn't paid last month. For heavens sake they disconnected me for being late on $40 when I have paid for 6 years! That will be fun to deal with tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm doing laundry at the shop and trying to dupe tapes for people while here, but the recorders are not cooperating in the least. Oh well. I will get it all worked out.

It was beautiful today! We had rain!! Actual honest to goodness rain...I love that smell. It surpasses bread in the oven for me:)-

Good night and God bless all of you!

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

I just didn't feel like typing my whole addy:).

It was beautiful today. I wish we had gotten more rain than we did earlier this week, but I am thankful that we got any at all. We have a fair pecan crop coming in here.

Tonight I need to sweep and mop everything and then tomorrow morning Jared has a football game I hope to get to. I need to paint my house inside sometime soon....when? Heaven only knows! But I'll feel better if I get it done. My folks may stop by next week if they have the time on their way back from my Great Aunt's. Maybe I could paint my kitchen Sunday???? Yeah!

Angela is playing more games with Sophie, I guess. Of course I only hear one side of the story, but man, I sure wish that parent's would realize that kids love BOTH their parents even though they are divorcing.It just makes my heart hurt for those kids so badly to hear all they have been through and to see them hurting. I also feel completley incompetent, so that doesn't help a whole lot.

I must get top the cleaning, I just wanted to do a little update here so that I don't fall out of the habit.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2002

I had a good day at work for a change! Not that every day is terrible, but it is rare that something goes much more quickly than I expect it to go, and whenever that happens---It's time to celebrate!!!! Yipeeee!!!

So I went and rented a couple of my all time fav movies to share with David. One is "They Live", and then the other...."Enemy of the State". That one really wouldn't be "all time fav" but it's a good movie and David hasn't ever seen it, so seeing as he likes those blow thing up action films, I thought I'd get it.

I have a hen that is just not doing well. I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong with her. She has a pale comb, and seems really tired. I isolated her and gave her electrolytes and some probios, and she is interested in eating, which seems bizarre to me considering how listless she is, but she has been languishing for quite a long time now. I have wormed her and treated her for cocci-so heaven only knows. I also dusted her for mites. Weird. She seemed a bit more energetic tonight, but ooooo, she looks rough.

Gotta get something going to eat. Bye Now!

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

My folks came for a quick unexpected (in a way) visit. It was great to see them, but it gets so much more difficult to say good bye when it's time. it's just that none of us are getting any younger and I see that they are having a harder time getting around and are slower to spring back from a 'busyish' day. I am very thankful that we get along so well. I love them immensely and am grateful for all the things they taught me and the patience they had with me during my "black years". Praise God for those days being over!

Anyway, it was a great visit and they really got along fabulously with David's folks to boot.

It's been raining quite a bit....6" since last Friday, so all the trees are happy and the grass and mud is growing:)-.

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

Whew. We're baaaaaccckkk. That was a long one.


I've also determined that I must move part of my woodpile as the tarps are not keeping enough moisture off the wood to allow it to burn nicely. The dogs have a very squat little pole type building that they refuse to go in to get out of the rain, so that is where I will put at least a bit of wood. I have avoided putting it there for fear of snakes making a home out of the nice shelter, but I gfuess I'm over it enough to deal with that eventuality now.

Big news on the divorce custody issue. David and Angela have agreed to split the kids. This is definitely a compromise, but for now I do think it is best. Sophie is just too much of a mama's girl that I fear she would be terribly resentful if she were ordered to go with David. Angie is on a down, I guess, and she just decided to try to be reasonable for awhile. Jared will be with David full time, and Sophie with Angie, no child support by either, and the kids will spend weekends together at alternating parent's homes. This will be fine until we move to Missouri, then it will need to be revamped, but we just need to deal with one thing at a time for now.

So it appears as if this won't go to court and the divorce will be final as of next week sometime. Now I need to get serious about planning an addition here and I guess we can pick a date as soon as the final decree is signed. The stuff they were fighting over has already been signed and delivered to the respective parties. Whew.

So I guess that since the rain has slowed I had best get out to do my work! God bless all of you and I hope you have a great weekend.

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2002

We have been drawing plans, and cogitating, contemplating, cussin' and discussin' (just kidding on the cussin' part:) ideas for an addition here. All of the ideas are somewhat complicated by the fact that it seems like it is going to be a very cold wet winter, and no one loves to build in the rain. So out of the blue yesterday, we came up with a solution for now. There is an RV for sale that is 32 or 34 feet and the pics look very nice on the net. They want 4k for it because it is a mid 80's model. But it would sure answer many of our problems right now and also be a help for the eventual move to MO.

My reluctance factor is simply how 'redneck' it is to have an RV as an addition....but I do think it will be dandy. Jared is stoked at the idea...what 10 year old wouldn't be? If he gets scared or sick he can always sleep in the living room on the futon.

This would enable us to do some fix up on David's house and get it on the market as well.

So we are off to have a look at it in Houston......I'll let you know the oputcome! God bless...BTW, David got a job painting someone's house inside that will last two weeks, praise God. The city job he applied for will start in mid November....hopefully he will get it!

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Well what a fiasco that was. The 4K rv was seriously rusty had some leaks, but might have been okay----if only it would start! The one they want 6k for is actually decent and might be a good thing...however, there is the 6k to think on. On the way back I flashed to the fact that my folks have a 26' travel trailer in Missouri. there is also the 33' trailer my uncle just gave them that we will live in whenever we move up there. So I asked my dad last night if he would consider lending their smaller on to us for awhile. He seemed fine with it, but he has a few things he needs to check on it to make sure it all working.


So we spent a whole day for not a whole bunch.

Then David calls me to tell me that Angie came over with a coffee cup, but wreaking of alcohol and she wanted to talk with him. He already says he knows what she is going to say/do as he knows her so well. He predicts she is going to ask him to take care of Sophie while she goes into rehab or something, but not to take custody of Sophie. Thankfully the final hasn't been signed as of yet. I told him that I thought he should hear what she actually needs to say before he goes off on a tangent knowing what she will say.....and also that I believe he ought to record their conversation if he feels that it might indicate that Sophie REALLY needs to be with him.


I really hope that Angie can pull herself together for these kids. However, if she can't keep it together for a week, then she certainly ought not to have full custody of either of them. Beeerother.

Ya know, I simply refuse to go on the Jerry Springer show regardless of the potential for income. All of this UP/DOWN chaotic emotional rioller coaster crap is very much to my disliking. I finished with craziness years ago and I WANT a peacful home without all the psychotic episodes. I refuse to allow this to throw me into to a tizzy, but Ii guess the reality is that I will need to keep my guard up for as long as it is necessary.

I like a boring life, thank you. The cool thing is that the Lord is giving me a peace in my heart even though I recognize these episodes. Cool!

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2002

It didn't rain yesterday so I got to mow a little patch between the house and barn before it got too dark to do it. It also became quite cool in the late afternoon.

So this weekend David doesn't have the kids. This will be really strange as we have never had a weekend together without the kids-and it is my birthday on Saturday. Ugh.:). Guess there is no way to stop the forward motion of time.

I'm getting a little worried about the business situation. Business is very slow these days, and I don't know when or if the economy will pick up.

We have a convention in the beginning of January and my German friend told us that the Germans who expressed interest in buying our company may just be waiting until that is over in order to talk business. .... That would be nice, but I'm not going to hold my breath either.

I must get welding the trophies together. Of course, I still need to talk to the welding shop, but it should be not too difficult.

Gotta run!

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2002

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