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It is with a sense of disbelief yet, with complete faith in the way the Lord works, that the passing on of Mrs. Sally Links, Cape Annual WMS President is shared with the thousands sharing this discussion group.

On Monday 16 September she entered into the realm of eternal rest, after suffereing a coronary trombosis on Sunday after returning from an appointment at Bethesda African Methodist Episcopal Church in Worcester, 70 miles from her home in Cape Town. Mrs. Links was one of the first members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church I came into contact with in 1970. I can witness that she remained the same person as far as personality is concerned until the very day of her going home. She proved to each and everyone without a doubt, that her church took the number one priority after her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She reared her seven children as a father and mother since the passing of her husband more than 30 years ago.

One can argue the point whether she meant more to the lay Organisation or the WMS, for she contributed as much to the one as she did to the other. She was known for her direct approach to matters and did not for one moment hestitate to address any evil that she encountered, no matter the source, be it from a fellow member or higher authority, Bishop, Supervisor, Presiding Elder or Pastor. ( Would God give that we have more such people working in His vineyard) She was a fighter for the oppressed and those who could not fend for themselves. She was vehemiantly against the wasting of funds brought to the church by the very poor people it seek to serve, and then wasted on honourariums etc. She was not afraid to think big, and then follow up her big dreams with action. Two weeks ago she gave her radiant last smile at the last get together planned with her executive, Woman of the Year Function.

The record will show (subject to correction) that Sally Links is the first WMS President in the Cape to leave this earth whilst still in office. When she fell ill she was dressed in her WMS Uniform. Died whilst active in service. No man is an island, no person irreplaceable, yet the vacuum left by Mrs Links will be a challenge to fill

Our Condolences to the family, your loss is heaven's gain, yes, there is a balm to ease your pain.

Rev. Clive J. Pillay and Family The Presiding Elder and Family of the Cape Town District The Congregation at Wesbank Development & Metropolitan

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002


On behalf of myself and St. Paul Community A.M.E Church in Bozeman, Montana USA we offer our sincere condolescences to the family and the A.M.E Church. Mrs. Links was a tireless worker for the Lord. She is now at peace and resting with our Savior. Precious God I ask that you comfort Rev. Pillay and everyone in her conference. Though we know you will call us home at the appointed time. There is still great pain when someone such as Mrs. Links returns home. Send your mighty healing powers to rest upon all that knew her. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2002

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