Taking care of our physical bodies

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Five days a week a trudge to the gym, every two weeks I see my nutrionist/diabetic educator, every month I see my primary care physician, every two months I see my orthopedic foot surgeon, one a year I get my eyes tested, every year I get a mammogram and colonoscopy. Once a month I see my physcial therapist. Ugh, what a pain in the ....... Why do I do all of this you ask? Because I love God, I love myself and I love my daughter. Taking care of oneself is an act of love. As I have gotten stronger in my relationship with God, I have learned that our God cares about the total person, he gave us his son, he provides food and shelter and he takes care of us. As a Christian I am to imitate my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I cannot serve God if I am sick. As many of you know I almost died this year from a massive infection. God healed me!!! But something odd happened when my church and I started doing the prayer of Jabez as my Bishop had asked all of his churches to do. My diabetes finally came under control after 38 years. By the time I got the foot infection, my blood sugars were beautiful, my surgeon said he would not have been able to save my foot if they had been unstable. I have to go to the gym to live. It is not a luxury for me, I am diabetic, excercise keeps my blood sugars regulated, all the things I listed above are routine for me, and I am greatly loved my the medical community in my town. I have even found a way to "enjoy the colonoscopy" I ask my doctor to check me into the hospital the day before the preceedure and I rest and voila it is done. I encourage all of you to take your health seriously, there are so many things that are preventable and treatable when found early enough. I want my A.M.E family to live a long life, cause I am planning to be here. Have you had a physical this year. Did you get a mammogram? Pap smear? Test for prostate cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Call a friend and do it together. Many hospitals have free health screenings. Keep us posted as to how your health is doing so we can pray for you. I know without a DOUBT one of the reasons I did not die this year is because of all the prayers I received from all of you. Stay healthy and eat an apple?

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

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