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Aha! I bet I got your attention! I am single and so many times my friends say "Denise How is your love life?" When I was younger I would say what was wrong, he is cute, or it is non-existent. Today my answer is this "My love life is fabulous!" I am filled with joy for the focus of my life is my love relationship with God! I cannot begin to tell you how many years I spent looking for love in all the wrong places. But today there is a confidence, happiness, and a new found purpose by having a love relationship with God. Everything begins and ends with God. Our first relationship was with God, but somehow we walk away from the most powerful love relationship we will every have. Are you single, looking for Mr. Right, or Ms. Right, are you treading water in your marriange, do you take your spouse for granted, are you contemplating divorce? I strongly believe that when we cultivate a love relationship with God and Jesus our human relationships will fall into place. How is your love life? What advice would you give to new believers on how to cultivate a lasting relationship with God? My prayer is that you will accept all the love that God wants to give you and you will have true happiness.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002


Wow! Sister Rogers,

Once again you have asked a most probing question. I am a single 42 year old African-American male and yes I am looking for Ms. Right. Although single, I am quite happy with my life. I also rarely experience any loneliness. I attribute this "peace which surpasses all comprehension" to my close association with the Holy Spirit. Now, I should be actively searching for Ms. Right but I realize that only God can marry two people. It was said in Genesis that " What God has joined together, let no man put asunder" and then Jesus said the same thing in the New Testament. You know, I am a 6'2" attractive male who looks as good or better than Sidney Portier, Ed Bradley or Denzel Washington. I have prayed about Ms. Right and have asked God to give me the patience and the wisdom to wait on Him to find Ms. Right for me. If He decides that I should get married, that will be allright. If He decides that I should not get married that will be allright also.

I encourage all my single sisters and brothers to wait on the Lord for your spouse. Don't allow peer pressure or married couples to pressure you into a relationship with the wrong person. The only thing better than being single is being happily married. So all my single friends keep following the Spirit of God.


-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002


Thou speakest the Truth! I learned (the hard way) that patience in matters pertaining to interpersonal relations is indeed a virtue. Good to read a such a thoughtful response from a fellow brother. QED

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

Jazzman and Bill it is always great to hear from my brothers. One of the things I have noticed on this board are the things people say about their families. I am a therapist so I notice. My friendship with brother Bill began because he and his wife welcomed me to the board. Bill loves his wife and the two of them have a powerful ministry. They both love the lord, there is no tension regarding being away in service to God. They are on the same spiritual page. Rev. John and Sister Jan started this online ministry together and are both going to the Holy Land, they are on the same spiritual page. Jerryl Payne and Rev. Brenda Payne do ministry together they are on the same spiritual page, Bishop Bryant and Dr. Cecilia Bryant anointed servants of God are on the same spiritual page. And the list goes on. One of things that they all have in common is their personal relationship with God, God gave them their partners to love one another and equally as important to build the kingdom of God. Every day is another opportunity to seek the face of God and God wants his children to be happy. Jazzman you have been a.m.e for a year and I have watched you grow in the lord. Your posts are from a place of humbleness and a sincere desire to know God and serve his church. He will reward your faithfulness. God is not only preparing you but your life partner. And to the married couples on the board who have chosen christian partners thank you for being powerful role models. And to my single brothers and sisters God has a plan!!!!! Don't take any short cuts.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

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