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Does anyone know the exact date and location of the 2004 General Conference? Where will it be held in 2008?

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002


The General Conference 2004 will be held in Indianapolis, IN. The host church is Bethel AMEC where the Reverend John L. Lambert (a candidate for bishop) is pastor. The host church in conjunction with the Episcopal District will determine the actual site.

The Discipline states that a General Conference must be held between June 15 and July 15 and the sessions may not exceed ten days. Most recently the sessions have been held the week following July 4th. This seems to be the time when hotel and convention rates are low because the majority of tourists stay close to home.

As to the question of observers, observers are allowed but they must sit apart from the delegation. Which is usually in the balconies or in the rear of the center where the convention is held. Hotels are usually blocked by Episcopal Districts and the delegates are given first choice. If one gets a room early you can usually stay where your Episcopal District is housed, but this has often proved too expensive for me unless I served as delegate. So I have shopped around.

Since the Electoral College of both the ministers and lay will be held at the next series or Annual Conferences (e.g. 2003). I strongly suggest that you make your intention know now if you plan to run. Each Annual Conference is entitled to four (4) ministerial and four (4) lay delegate plus one addition of ministerial and lay delegate for each 4,000 members or any fraction above 2,500 members.

Every local church may send to one (1) adult (age 30 and above) and one (1) youth (age 18-30) to the Electoral College. They must be elected by the secret ballot of members who are 18 years and above. They are then certified by the Annual Conference to the Electoral College where the actual delegates and alternates are chosen. This also is by secret ballot. At least one of them must be a youth.

This is very competitive so please don't delay. And rooms are usually at a premium so that too must be done soon.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

You may get the correct information by contacting the host church, Bethel AMEC, Indianapolis, Indiana.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2002

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