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Dear Brothers and Sisters

The joy of serving the Lord is always my strength.

We are about 17-18 months away from the General Conference 2004. In our country we have only one Annual Conference (2003) left before the bishop concludes his work here and we go to the General Conference.

In the 15th Episcopal District we have still only 1 candidate left for the Episcopacy in the person of the Rev. Andrew Lewin, the Administrative Assistant of Bishop Gregory G M Ingram. And I am thankful to God that we do not have many candidates to confuse the connection with.

Now my question to you: Who do you think is the leading candidate in your Episcopal District???????? Please do not provide more than 1 name from your district, and also please do not mention candidates from other districts.

For instance, I have other favourite candidates from other districts (19th, 7th, 6th, etc.), but we just want to hear your favourite from your district, and why you think he can make a contribution on the Episcopacy.

Rev. Lewin is academically trained and spiritually nurtured over a very long period. With more than 12 years experience as Administrative Assistant (more like an Deputy Bishop) he is seasoned to be elected. His campaign will feature prominently during the Intyernational Women's Convocation in January 2003 in Cape Town. Please pray and support him

Thank you

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002


From the Tenth I would say the leading candidate is Dr. Sarah F. Davis. Dr. Davis is a brilliant administrator. She has built a church, and has revived the leading church in San Antonio. Dr. Davis has also served the church connectionally as head of the Prayer Ministry (under the Department of Church growth and Development). Dr. Davis is serious, prayerful, and prepared.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

I am honored to share additional information on Dr. Davis. For a closer look at her campaign, visit http://www.sarahdavis4bishop2004.com.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

I believe that from the 1st Episcopal District, that the Rev. Eugene McDuffy is the leading candidate. He is in the process of building a new church in Philadelphia. He is the pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Elmwood, PA!

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

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