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Well... I have sometime now listening to CCM and something that surprised me is that when The Pope visited the US almost every band playing there was non-catholic. Are there some catholic bands playing contemporary music? or no-so-contemporary? Would anyone please mention some good Catholic musicians. To be honest I don't know of any (Speaking-English).

-- Cristian (, September 18, 2002


Cristian, you must not watch or listen to the weekly series, "Life on the Rock," on EWTN TV / radio / Internet. (It has been on from 8 to 9 p.m. Eastern time each Thursday for about five years now.)

There are so many Catholic "contemporary" music groups and solo acts that you probably could not keep track of them all -- and there are more and more breaking onto the scene all the time.

To read about some of them and to listen to some of their music, please visit this page and click on the links on the right side.

God bless you.

-- J. F. Gecik (, September 18, 2002.

Cristian: Did you know that Rich Mullins was in the process of converting to Catholocism when he was killed a few years ago? His last CD, a "Liturgy, a Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band" is laced with Catholic doctrines. It's an AWESOME CD. Thought you may want to check it out! The CD is full of dulcimers, cellos, guitars and pianos and violins.


-- Gail (, September 19, 2002.

Didn't know that Gail. Thanks, and to you too John.

-- Cristian (, September 19, 2002.

Wow, how strange is that, I know angela (A HREF="http://www.angela-">Angela I had classes with her years ago, in fact, she would miss a lot of classes due to her trying to get a record deal. Prayed the Rosary with her a couple of times as well. Man, what a small world it is.

God Bless

-- (, September 19, 2002.

Angela I am getting so sloppy with my html

-- (, September 19, 2002.

Seminarian, you should send Angie Crimi a birthday card. She turns 26 in nine days. I've seen her at least twice on EWTN. She is really good!

-- (, September 20, 2002.


I am part of a Catholic "CCM" band.

We are called Nebo (the mountain where Moses looked out and saw the promised land). The band is myself and three other young Catholic guys. We play at Protestant music festivals and other gigs.

We have an alternative feel and we are in the process of petting together material for our first album. We have a four song demo CD if anyone is interested in that (excellent quality for a demo!).

We have a reasonable following over here, and we have a reasonable number of Catholic young people who will attend gigs just to hear us play.

If you want to know more, or a copy of the demo send me an email!



-- Brendan Malone (, September 22, 2002.

I should have said in my last post that we are a Kiwi band, based in New Zealand for those who don't know what that means!

-- Brendan Malone (, September 22, 2002.


Contemporary Catholic music is BOOMING! It is a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the Church in our time. But where is the audience? I've been doing a weekly Catholic music radio show for about two and a half years now. Part of my mission is to bring this new music to a wider audience. For that reason, I post archives to the web. If you stop by and check it out you'll be introduced to over a hundred mostly contemporary Catholic musicians in all styles of music from country to rap.

The url is

Drop me a note and let me know what you think.


-- Larry Nolte (, October 08, 2002.

Hey everyone. You can check out the new Nebo web site at You can even listen to our music there as well as contact us.

Rome sweet Home!

Brendan Malone

-- Brendan Malone (, November 06, 2002.

My music wouldn't be considered particularly Catholic, but at least it is bizarre... that's got to count for something. Check it out and let me know if it plays properly in the RealAudio format I put it in. I'm new at this website stuff, and doing the actual recording of the music is enough to drive one insane; I'm learning and working on it.

-- Emerald (, February 23, 2003.

-- Tim (, February 16, 2004.

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