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Do you have room for a 3rd F4?

MV F4 Agostini

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), September 17, 2002


Official Intermot News

Wait for the pop up.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), September 18, 2002.

I love it... I wonder about the price.

-- o (okthomas@tir.com), September 17, 2002.

Poor excuse for the rumoured F4 1000cc-just a painted 2002 with a set of ugly wheels,what next-F4 Phil Read?

-- mike tilston (mike@tilston00.fsnet .co.uk), September 17, 2002.

It's bollocks. They're obviosly playing for time. Would have thought Ago deserved something more than new wheels and some titanium plating. Mike Hailwwod got a whole new bike from Ducati - maybe someone has to die first (no offence) to get a red new bike named in their honour.

This is just a stop gap. Give the people the 1000!

-- Gary Stewart (gary@oceandesign.co.nz), September 18, 2002.

The MH900E is a disgrace to Mike the Bike and his family. Thanks for consulting with the family before naming a monstrosity after such a person. Great marketing job Ducati. I think the F4 Ago should do better than the MH900E.

-- pyro (pyrof4s@yahoo.com), September 18, 2002.

i have invested in the new MV Ago 1000, and have to say the best bike i have been on ever,perfomance/ looks/handling/etc.i hear what you say bout whats next, as i felt the same way, but after driving the bike and obviously becoming the centre of attention, have to say it is the dogs gooliesnot sure if its goin to hold its value as the agents say, but we only live once, regards Doogy.

-- Aaron George Green (doogy_204@hotmail.com), December 18, 2004.

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