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Hello all. I'm going to be buying new tires at some point here for my upcoming track time on the MV. I'm most likely going to get the same Pirelli Dragon Evo Corsas, but definitely a 180 rear. Has anyone tried a 120/60? I've liked the quickness they provide on 600's. I know that at high speed a 120/70 will rub the fender so those are out for sure but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't use one anyway. I can always go back to the stock 120/65 front, but if anyone has had good experience with the 120/60, I may try it.


-- Andy Ruhl (, September 17, 2002


748sp i owned had a 60 profile on the front,used to frighten me occasionally with it`s quick steering,fitted a 70 (as 916)slowed steering but i was able to quicken it up by lifting the rear-it never unnerved me,i think the 65 gives the best of both worlds

-- mike tilston (, September 17, 2002.

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