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Which is the best movie-format to insert into MS Powerpoint. i'd like also to know the ideal size and resolution

-- Peter Meersschaert (, September 17, 2002


Short answer-- avi (for me).

Long answer-- It depends upon what the purpose of the movie file is. Are you using a projector? What video card are you using (some cards decode mpeg poorly)? For resolution, again if you are projecting your presentation or viewing it on a computer monitor in full-screen, stick to DVD resolution. If you're going to a television monitor, you can get away with VCD resolution.

If you don't know the machine on which your presentation will be shown, stick to avi. You'll have maximum compatability and won't have to worry about poor decoders, missing codecs, etc.


-- No One (, September 19, 2002.

HI Thanks for guidance now let me check thank you

-- NILESH S. DHOND (, September 28, 2002.

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