I need help with the analysis of "Valley of Unrest" aka "Valley of Nis"

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I have to analyze two of Poe's poems, "The Valley of Nis" which was written in 1831, and then later re-written as "The Valley of Unrest" in 1845. Any analysis or ideas would be very helpful. Thank you!

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002


I foind that in this landscape poem("The City in the Sea" also) it really does deepen appreciation to delve the references. Thomas ollive Mabbott's book on Poe's poetry concentrates on just that, connecting boyhood journeys of Poe in the Hebrides,local legends with a mythic invocation of a faraway, fantasy land. The first title using "Nis" may have been a reworking of the word "innis" or isle, in Gaelic. A mood of melancholy, lost legend, roamnce and splendour now subsi=umed in the nature like flowers sprouting from the grave that still echo the ghostly voices of the once living.See Shelley's "The Sensitive Plant", a very possible direct influence. See also Poe's "Silence- A Fable" that mentions this aspect of the Hebrides, movement without wind etc.

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

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