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How did the name Alamo square get its name? Someone suggested to me because of 'Remember the Alamo'/Texas/and California's connection to war with Mexico. I know it was declared at pulic park in 1853 by the State of California/not by SF! I found out the word alamo is a type of tree in Spanish. Alamo hill was on the direct original trail from Mission Dolores to the Presidio and may have been a landmark tree on the way.

-- Craig Smith (, September 15, 2002


No, Alamo is the spanish word for "poplar".

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 16, 2002.

..and Alamo Square is named after a large poplar tree growing there that was used by early settlers as a landmark.. been in the city 15+ years & just found that one out recently! ;)

-- Violet (, May 18, 2004.

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