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A new World of God's and Monsters by James Curtis, (a book about the director of Frankenstein; James Whale) had an interesting fact within it's walls, and I quote "By 1933, producers were increasingly under fire for the content of their pictures-most significantly from publisher Martin Quigley and the newly-formed Catholic Legion of Decency. In 1934, the uproar forced the establishment of the Production Code Administration (PCA) with Joseph I. Breen as its director..."from July 1934 on Hollywood films took on a decidely conservative point of view for moral issues: Divorce was a sin, adultery was punished, 'modern living' was painted in negative terms, and virtue was rewarded."

-- Barb e. (, September 14, 2002


Actually, I don't consider this the same subject. I was just wanting to point out some interesting Hollywood history and the connection to a man named Breen seemed relevant, (for obvious reasons). Trevor was one to censor his people, the fact that he was a 'Breen' censoring them seemed kinda fascinating.

-- Barb e. (, September 15, 2002.

Hmmm...LAMF??. Not sure what these initials stand for but I think maybe Joseph Breen would have cut

-- Barb e. (, September 17, 2002.

While On topic, check out this thread.


-- Sam (, September 15, 2002.


-- Sam (, September 15, 2002.

Well thats what kind of figured. Sorry, I should have said on off topic.

-- Sam (, September 15, 2002.

Uhh, Well thats kind of what *I* figured, is what I meant to say. *Eye* missed out *I*. Get it, aha ha heh.

I do think your pointing out something interesting and relevant, you often do.

-- Sam (, September 16, 2002.

RE: to Barb's original comment at top: Barb you're a LAMF to come up with one like that and I say you got total balls (but I'm sort of a fan of yours, so of course my judgment is necessarily qualified therefore).

It only gives me pause to reflect again on how isn't it ironic that Hollywood would be the only town in these United States where sobriety could possibly ever become some sort of "Unique Trend"...? Some sort of Exclusive Rare Lifestyle...? I find the irony humorous of course, and your literary references are amazing.

(Kenneth Anger's HOLLYWOOD BABYLON is of course a classic in the same category, I'm sure, but I have GOT TO FIND "GODS AND MONSTERS" - I have heard of this book!)

-- Mark Mars (, September 16, 2002.

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