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I don't know if anyone else has asked about this, (or cared), but what was with the people eating cabbages at the blood bank in the Purge? This question has been bugging me for days.

-- Jim Stern (, September 14, 2002


Actually, I thought that line was incredible. It showed a quick wit in Aeon and an elitist attitude, revealing a little of the hidden Monican culture in such an intriguing way!

-- Barb e. (, October 07, 2002.

because cabbages are rich in vitamins!

-- rana the landstander (, September 28, 2002.

i think the cabbages were made from their dna or some shit...or maybe all anyone needs in life is a good cabbage.

-- alyssa the destroyer (, September 28, 2002.

I believe cabbage was a general foodstuffs-staple of the USSR during the Stalin period, but other than this I cannot speculum


-- dangerboy (, September 29, 2002.

Man, I cant remember nothin no more. Money lacks, and so does my ownership of these things. Weren't the people being (mis?)led to believe that the cabbages were beeing engineered in accordance to the nutritional needs of each induvidual? Hence the blood tests? (which there may or may not have been??). However, such things providing no more than a false reason for Trevor to take blood with other intentions in mind? And I only think I read that here somewhere...

-- Sam (, September 30, 2002.

Yep the samples they probably have some wicked purpose, copies maybe? Its funny though they all get the same cabbage, and know what they are all quite happy to eat cabbage, after giving blood. It almost seems to me that the food stuffs system would take more than it gave back. These people lose alot of blood. That Trevor is so very very devious. A nasty man. Not exactly Das Wunderkind.

-- MArk (, October 03, 2002.

The cabbages were a controlled meal. Each individual submitted their blood, the blood was analized for lacked nutrients and the nutrients were integrated into their individual cabbages. If you remember, the announcement was "waste will result in malnutrition". The kid with the rhyme was a bit creepy though huh?

-- Andrea Gradney (, October 06, 2002.

Anyone ever see Michael Radford's film of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four with John Hurt as Winston Smith and Richard Burton as O'Brien?

There is this classic scene in the film where this stout little 8-year-old boyscout wankerkind par insolence is standing in the living room next to his mother who had hired Smith to come over to do some plumbing work for her, under-the-table, I guess. Smith is sweating out the gig getting the job done all greasy and outta there, good to go - when, unexpectedly:


She apologizes for her son's impudent remark to Smith: "They haven't been out much!" she says. Smith, shaken, excuses himself and leaves.

"You're not a Breen...!" "YOU DO NOT EXIST."

What's a better retort from AEon than, "You do not exist"? What should she have said! We all pondered this one for awhile until I just said, "You do not exist." But to this day I don't have a better byte, and it pisses me off. I wish I could have come up with a better piece of dialog for her - and for the little Bren wankerkind brat boy, there - than I did.

I reflect on the old apocryphal legend of what Picasso was supposed to have said to a Nazi stormtrooper who, entering Picasso's premises during the French Occupation, had taken exception to a particular work still on the easel and demanded to know from the venerable painter, "WHO!! YOU! Did YOU PAINT THISA PAINTING!!??"

To which the great antimaster replied simply, "No; YOU did."

-- Mars (, October 06, 2002.

Yeah, I guess I thought so too at the time - but OH FUCK IT!! WHY AM I CUTTING MY OWN FKN' WORK DOWN!! I MUST BE ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE!!!!~ YOU people think you're insane!? I am the weird one, heeeeere, I will have you know it for a blithering FACKED!! Plus I'm shopping my chops ril gud over at the venerable ASK A DRUNK board, which I as well shall plug most presently; HUAAALPP--


-- Mars (, October 07, 2002.

Don't throw up on the key board, quick go oblique nautically, or anatomically or something!! :)

-- Sam (, October 07, 2002.

That's OKAY - I still just cut&paste individual letters&words with the mouse!!

OR, I rattle it out and get the occasional nonfunctional key and THEN I just cut&paste again!

You may ask, "Well, how indeed should one proceed further on any such premise you really are durngk given your evidud apetitood fer so circumspectly edutin fwom a pinochle keybored-as-it-were"? 1) Force of Habit. 2) Perseverance.

-- Mars (, October 07, 2002.

Danger, any 'illicit' substance influenced posts?

-- Sam (, October 09, 2002.

Don't need to answer that, I'm just trying to be clever with the word illicit, and upside down question marks.


-- Sam (, October 09, 2002.

Aw, yehhhh. Riiiite. Yuhh dwyindeh gyed mee duh gibbiddawwubp tuh YOO, awweddiee?

Azg muhyaaaagyund, giwuhfwend, yuhkow, okaaay???

-- DAYDGYBOWYE (, October 10, 2002.

I'm conviced that the cabbages are all the same. That voice that tells them to not to waste, along with the whole system is a complete lie. These people are being deceived. The boy is the ultimate sucker. That is why he doesn't exist. He isn't a person but a member of the system. His thoughts and opinions are defined by the social structure.

-- Mark (, October 13, 2002.

"You are not a Breen.", I'd like to slightly expand my point. The fat little recruit doesn't "recognize" Aeon. He says you are not a Breen and means you are not apart of my society and therefore you do exist. Thats why the blunt reply is so perfect. He's just a fat little conformist. Those who exist outside the walls are worthy of only his contempt. If they were a good person why wouldn't they join Bregna? Brenga is the great provider!

-- MArk (, November 03, 2002.

Right!! And now that's exactly what convinces me that what AEon should have said, should have been: "I DO NOT EXIST."

I was afraid of this one. But there it is.

Thank you, MArk, that's all I can say for it. MM

-- Mark Mars (, November 04, 2002.

Ambrose Beirce once said "A cabbage has roughly the same size and intelligence as a man's head."

Foolish humans.

-- alex (doesn't, May 03, 2003.

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