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Does anybody know of any bomb shelters in the San Francisco area or where I may find any information or history on Bomb shelters in the Bay area??

-- Denise Hopken (, September 13, 2002


I'm not sure about "bomb shelters" per se, but dozens of downtown basements around San Francisco were converted into Civil Defense fall-out shelters during the Cold War. These sites would supposedly provide protection against radioactive fallout fallowing a nuclear attack and were stocked with food, water, blankets, first aid and sanitation kits, etc. In addition, many of the former military batteries and bunkers at sites like the Presidio and the Marin Headlands were also designated Civil Defense shelters. (For years, one of the omnipresnt Civil Defense insignias was mounted over the 1850s doorway to Fort Point.)

However, none of these sites could be considered true bomb shelters. Even the heavy bunkers in the Headlands with their dozens of feet of earth and concrete protection could never have withstood a direct nuclear strike.

-- John Martini (, September 13, 2002.

The bore beneath twin peaks, aka "the tunnel" for muni, has always been my choice. Is the Civil Defense sign still up there?

-- salty (, November 10, 2002.

A great number of older municipal buildings of all types had "fallout" shelters that were not actual "bomb" shelters so they were meant to protect from nuclear fallout and not bomb blasts.

These "fallout" shelters contained stores of freeze dried and powdered foodstuffs that were eventually distributed to Indo Chinese refugees during the mass immigration to the Bay Area in 1975.

-- Bill Williams (, November 16, 2002.

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