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First I created my AVI file video using Adobe Premiere 6 and then I converted to MPEG (MPG) using TMPGEnc.exe. Then I burned a CDRW (Memorex) using Nero5.5.9.9. Until here everything worked well. The CDRW contains all files. But my DVD player Daewoo DV-115 does not play it. It appears the first screen with the video thumbnail, but does not continue. I heard about the resolution, and that only 352x288 would play. It tried with several sizes, and it is the same result. And I also tried different conversion in TMPGEnc.exe (PAL, NSTC, etc), but nothing.

Then I tried in my computer. The player (Cybelink PowerDVD Dell) recognizes the CD as VCD (it changes the name from DVD to VDC on the screen) and show the first screen with the video. However, like in the DVD player, nothing happens.

Does someone knows what I need to do? I thank any help.

-- Luiz Barrichelo (, September 12, 2002


try using a cd-r

-- marzzy (, September 14, 2002.

Check your frame rate. If your player is that picky over resolution, it will probably be picky over your frame rate.

352x288 is PAL, which is 25 frames/sec. 352x240 is NTSC, which is 30 frames/sec (don't worry about 29.97-- that's still 30 frames/sec, but with a funky numbering scheme).


-- No One (, September 14, 2002.

Did you create the VCD with a menu ? If I play a Nero VCD with a menu on my DVD player, pressing play will only give the menu, with an infinite wait. To start playing a menu item i have to select it with a digit (1 for the first menu item) and press enter. Only then the clip starts playing.

The fact that u see the startup normally means the DVD player can/should be able to play the VCD.


-- Hans Bus (, September 18, 2002.

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