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MailMunky can be found FREE at . We are currently lobbying to have it removed, since it can scan thousands of URL's per day to obtain thousands of email accounts, not to mention the fact that it has a built-in account generator that can spit out MILLIONS of email addresses in minutes! Worst of all, MunkyWorks is giving this awful program away FREE! And it WORKS! Using its built-in Search Engine submission control, I quickly mined a thousand addresses in less than ten minutes! What's this world coming to?

-- Stephen SuperGenius (, September 12, 2002


Nobody ever complains about the junk mail we get in our HOME mailboxes everyday, yet everybody's complaining about mail we get in our email. Big Companies control this country, making it impossible for the "little guy" to advertise without spending MILLIONS of advertising dollars that he does not have. MAILMUNKY PERFORMS A GOOD SERVICE AND IS NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. Mailmunky is simply leveling the playing field. There's too much unfairness in this country already. Mailmunky is a breath of fresh air. If you don't like receiving junk email then delete it - that's why you have a DELETE button. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAILMUNKY!

-- COMMON SENSE (, December 09, 2002.

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