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I am in the process of doing market research for a tea importation company I hope to launch and thought you might be able to assist. In a nutshell, I have hooked up with a select number of established tea houses in England who produce small label teas and have been doing so as family businesses since the 1800s. These brands as of now are not available in North America. My specific question is whether or not you think there is room for a company that wants to distribute high quality, traditional teas directly to consumers and tea houses. I think that the charm of these teas is their 'heritage', the manner in which they are produced and the relative unavailability of them outside of the regions in which they are made in England. Any input or comments you have would be greatly appreciated. Another point is that the idea is to create a new business model. That's to say not sell them at 'exclusive' prices just because they are fairly exclusive teas. Thanks in advance.

-- Jonathon Jones (indicium@videotron.ca), September 12, 2002


We would like to offer you High Grown Nilgiri Hills (Blue Mountain) tea decaffeinated by the latest Austrian Process using High Pressure Carbon Dioxide to preserve the delicate flavour of our tea. We welcome your enquiries. Thanking you, Dr.M. C. Gupta MS, Ph.D (Wis) Management Consultant

-- Dr. M. C. Gupta -Management Consultant (manick@sol.net.in), September 14, 2002.

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