Third Time right Knee Replacement and tehy are talking about a "Hinged Knee Joint" This Scarse me Greatly! I have had 39 surgeries from Cancer so I am noit new to the operating room BUT this scares me . PLEASE HELP!!!! : LUSENET : About Joints : One Thread

My name is Vance and I am 40 years old and back on Nov. 26, 1980 I was given 3 months to live from Cancer (Hodgkin's Diaease) so I am a Mircale to be writing this ;-) I have had 39 operations from the Cancer including both legs have has Total Knee Replacements = TKR and bone graphs (Ma Que Pocedure) and Muscle Transplants (Eggers Procedure) aand that is just the tip of the Iceburg! I have now been in remission for almost 19 years this coming Feb ;-) For this I am so very Excited to put it mildly ;-) My NEW delema is about 4 months ago I was Diagnosed with a Rare Bone Disorder call Avascular Necrosis or AVN for short and with this disease (to keep it short) effects your joints and they do not process like a normal person and pump blood to regenerate, so my joints are Very jagged and VERY Painfull to say the least! I am now looking at having Bilateral hip replacements and my RIGHT knee replaced for the Third time ;-( My Head Orthopedic Surgon here in Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital tells me I have to have a "Hinged Knee Joint" and that they are Always used in older people between the ages of 65 and 70. I am FORTHY 40 Years old! He tells me they wear out very fasy , very limited mobailioty, and the sucess rate is almost nill, especially with some one that is as active as I am for what I have to work with. My Ortopedic Surgeon from Sacramento, CA where I was born and raised until I moved out here in July of 2000 tells me and is mailing me information of a few New Knee Replacements that have a Long shaft/stem, beause the doctors here tell me I have "NO BONE" to work with?????? PLEASE I need ANY & ALL Help and Information sent to me. If you need my Home address to mail me hard copies I will be free to give it to you! I am the type of Patient that likes to know what is going on with and in there body! I look forward to hearing from you all ;-) Please know you Help and Assistance will be Greatly useful to both my wife and myself! Byeeeeeeeeeee 4 now and have a Great day! Sincerely, Vanc D. Knowles =

-- Vance D. Knowles (, September 12, 2002


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-- Marc Hungerford, M.D. (, October 21, 2002.

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