whats up with the government??

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Is it me or is the United States government profiling anything thats Arab/Muslim as a terrorist?? i mean come on first the whole campaign in Afghanistan, then this wanting to invade Iraq. I mean to the Bush administration anyone that says "al-hamdulillah" is an enemy now. Doesnt this remind us of the Cold War in the sense that anything Communist was our enemy. We supposedly live in a nation with the least amount of racism anywhere yet we profile people of different ethnic origins. Also the fact that no one is making a big deal out of issues like this bothers me very much. The American people are more worried about going to war with a nation than about protecting the civil rights of people within our own country. If we want to meddle in foreign affairs I think that we should end our hypocracies by making the adjustments that should be made.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002

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